How To Save on Your Corporate Gift Budget

corporate-giftsSmall businesses always find it difficult to manage their finances. It is sometimes even hard to imagine how unique corporate gifts in Singapore would actually benefit the company. Hence it is very hard to justify why a budget should be allocated to gifts. However, it is a widely known that large companies make use of corporate gifts to market their businesses. Even with these large footprints for success, it can be still difficult for the small companies to follow suit. Here are some ways you can stretch your corporate gift dollar starting today.


So the first thing you will need to do is to decide what kind of budget can you afford. By setting this cap on how much you can afford to spend, you can then sieve out the gifts that are out of your budget. It is important for you to get a gift which will provide value to people. These people may be your employees, clients or customer’s alike. Some key pointers to note when choosing gifts are.


Simple is the Best. With small budgets in mind, always keep in mind that simplicity is always the way to go. It is unnecessary for you to choose expensive gifts such as leather folders when you only have a small budget. Be creative with what you can do and get a gift in which most people can use.


Practicality. Another pitfall most people fall into is getting gifts which are not practical at all. Getting gifts which are “smart” may not be the smartest move. For example, it might seem like a good idea to give out a luxurious shirts for your customers. But do take note that most people may not like shirts. Sometimes it is often better to get a gift in which almost anyone can enjoy. An example would be custom USBs. These little devices are great for the workplace as they provide so much storage value.


Select your recipients carefully. As always, you must always consider the return on your gifts. How can you make sure that with the marketing dollar spent on each gift, you will actually have a return on it. That is to filter your gift recipients. Always make sure that the gift is going to result in an engagement of activity that will benefit your business.